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Jason Farore by AskSkaters Jason Farore :iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 4
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 22
As the carriage drew nearer to Poney Island, Yoyo heard the carnival music, he heard the happy scream of ponies, and he heard the pop of popcorn. He looked out and saw that there were rows and rows of condemned and closed down apartments lining the streets. But what he also saw lining the streets were homeless ponies, they were sitting on the sidewalk, leaning up against the walls of the apartments. He had never seen a more sorrowful sight. But he didn't let it get to him, since a Madam was sitting right across from him in the carriage. They drew closer to large iron gates that separated the happy land of Poney Island from the sad and less bustling city of Manehattan.
The iron gates slugged open as the carriage drew nearer, it went through and the gates slugged closed. Yoyo looked out to see somepony running at the gates. It scared him, for it seemed like that pony was running from something... Something frightening... or maybe trying to escape...
They went out of the carriage, and wer
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 0
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 21
"The train is coming...", Big Mac thought as he stared the Alicorn guard down. "I need to get Skate out of there... AJ will have to wait..."
Then he rushed at the guard. Yoyo rushed out of the clearing in between the two ponies, running to the other side, to try and meet Madam Pie.
Big Mac rushed up to the door, and rammed the guard.
"Let me in now!" Big Mac threatened.
"No one disturbs Madam Twilight!" Blitzguard stated.
"Let me in or i'll make a way in!" Big Mac said, growling.
"I'd like to to see try!"
"Alright, tell it to my hind hooves." With that he turned and bucked the door down, along with Blitzguard. But, there was a force field blocking entry into Town Hall.
"OH BUCK IT ALL!" Big Mac shouted banging hooves onto the force field.
"Ow... What am I doing?" Blitz asked himself as he got up and shook his head. He went over to the force field and cut a big hole in it with his magic. "Go, get him before it's too late..."
"Thanks..." Big Mac said as he went in and grabb
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 48
The Pie Twins and their Ticklish secrets
It was a regular day in Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie was helping downstairs with the Cakes as always, baking cakes, teaching Pound and Pumpkin all she knew about baking. But, they were her 3rd and 4th students in baking classes. Her 1st and 2nd were upstairs, looking after Gummy. When talking about her 1st and 2nd, we are talking about her young colt, Berry Pie, and her young filly, Cherry Pie. They were in the apartment that the Cakes had rented Pinkie when she first started working there, laying on the floor, watching Gummy be Gummy.
Berry Pie, the elder of the Twins, is a practical jokester. He loves to joke around, pull pranks, and tell stories, and make his friends laugh. He was also open about himself, unlike his sister, who shared her secrets with her closest friends. Cherry Pie, the younger of the Twins, was a social butterfly, loving to mingle with many ponies, like her mother. Both of them take after Pinkie, being fun, random, optimistic, and love to party, not to mention inherit
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 4 3
Mature content
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 20 :iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 4 4
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 19
As Madam Rare's chariot got closer to her city, Song Note braced herself for the worst case scenario when they arrive in Las Pegas. Song Note saw the flashing lights of Las Pegas from behind the mountains and breathed in deep. Madam Rare was now thinking thoughts of what to do after she takes the costume for herself. As they crossed the mountain, they saw the preserved glory of Las Pegas. Even thought was now a discorded town, it looked just as flashy and just as beautiful as anypony has ever seen Las Pegas. The chariot landed in the middle of the bright and colorfully lit up street, so bright, there was no need for lamp posts. There were so many colors lighting up the streets, flashes of bright red, yellow, orange, white, pink, other colors. The buildings that owned the flashing lights were your typical casinos, hotels, and some restaurants. The duo got out of the chariot and started walking down the street, passing by various casinos, and hotels. As they walked down the street, the s
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 8
Durarara Ponyville Style! 2 by AskSkaters Durarara Ponyville Style! 2 :iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 2
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 18
Madam Rare---
Song Note walked toward the glamorous drama queen, being the center of attention. She seemed to be talking about something that recently happened. As Song Note got closer, she noticed that she had a pit in her stomach, like she didn't want to go up to the Madam that was formally the Element of Generosity. But she pressed on toward the crowd, and she listened in on her story.
"So here i am minding my own gown business when this small black and white striped Alicorn came into my shop and robbed me of the finest costumes I had ever made! Then she tried to knock me out!" the dramatic Madam told.
"What?!" A colt said.
"We'll find the culprit Madam Rare!" Another colt said, anger flaring up.
"Oh no, darlings i'll deal with it myself, my wealth, my problem." Madam Rare said to the crowd, "Now i must freshen up a bit, if you all could leave me so i can get a glass of mineral water, i would very much appreciate it."
With that, the crowd dissolved back into the festival as t
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 2,841
The Tickle War of the Two Apple Brothers
It was the start of wintertime in Equestria, especially in Ponyville. Pegasi were shaking clouds outside to make it snow, Unicorns were freezing the water to solid ice in the ponds, and Earth ponies were struggling to harvest their crops if any. This was especially true for Sweet Apple Acres, owned by Applejack herself. She just had two young colts before the current time, named Bucky and Bismarck. The two young colts were in their room watching their mom, aunt Applebloom, and Uncle Macintosh doing some last minute apple bucking, to get enough food for the winter.
"They look so busy...", Bismarck said as he watched their family working. Bismarck was the elder colt of the two brothers. He had an orange coat with dark-brownish-orange mane and tail. He had triangular freckles just like his mother and his uncle, not to mention his granny smith apple colored eyes that he inherited from his mother. He was also just like his mother, honest, trustworthy, hard-working, and family oriented. He h
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 9 6
Durarara Ponyville Style! by AskSkaters Durarara Ponyville Style! :iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 0 4
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 17
As the two sharp, dark-green gemstones came her way, Shadow Heart yelled to Kira.
"KIRA SPEAK!" Shadow Heart shouted.
Just then, Kira jumped over, and barked as loud as she could, before Kira barked, Shadow Heart's horn glowed a cerise-red color. What she did was cast a Sound Breaker Spell on Kira, which made the bark carry out in sound waves, breaking the two dark green weapons into harmless dust. Madam Rare was blown back by the sound waves, and knocked out.
"Good girl, Kira." Shadow Heart said, dispelling the spell she put on Kira. Kira gave a little bark of joy, and was given a treat. "Now, to get out of here with these outfits."
Shadow Heart went to Madam Rare, and touched her forehead with her horn, using a memory spell that erased all memories of what happened here, and put in new memories. She then grabbed the outfits and went out of the double doors, and out of Carousel Boutique.
Shadow Heart got back to the house and showed the outfits she had gotten, and by then, Song Note w
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 54
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 16b
Song Note blinked her eyes open to see that she was in the living room, and to see Skaters looking down at her with worry in his eyes, then he looked like he had a smile of relief. She looked and saw everypony else with looks of concern.
"Song Note, are you alright?" Skaters asked.
"Y-Yes, i am." Song Note said, getting up.
"Don't strain yourself, you need to rest!" Skaters said.
"N-No, i'm fine."
"You fainted out there." Yoyo said.
"I-I did?" Song Note asked, surprised.
"Eeyup." Big Mac said.
"Oh, well, i probably should, then..." she said, laying back down.
"Now, get some rest, you'll need your strength." Sunshine said.
"O-Okay." She said, falling asleep. When she fell asleep, Skaters and the others all went out of the living room and into the kitchen.
"Well, at least we don't have to worry about finding Song Note now." Skate said.
"Yeah, but we also need to find other ponies who aren't discorded who can help us." Shadow Heart said.
"Yes, that is also a priority." Small Talk said, ag
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 0
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 16a
The next morning, didn't seem like a morning. The reason was because it was still dark. Then it randomly changed to morning, and then back to night, one of Discord's decrees no doubt. Skaters woke up and went into the kitchen, looked in the pantry and took out some bread, and eggs, along with milk, vanilla, butter, and cinnamon, he began making French toast. He tried to be as quiet as he could so as not to disturb the two stallions who were asleep in the living room. He was beating the eggs with the milk, and seasoning it with cinnamon and vanilla.
"Mmm... this will be delicious!" he thought.
He turned the stove on, put butter on a pan to melt, dipped a piece of bread into the egg mixture, put it on the pan, and started frying it. The pan started sizzling as the bread landed on the melted butter. It smelled delicious. For Skaters, it smelled like home. He closed his eyes, sniffed in the scent, and savored every second of the home-like smell. He opened his eyes, saw the french to
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 0
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 15
Small Talk was too terrified to even scream, as he came face to face with Madam Pie, the owner of the voice that he, Skaters and Yoyo heard on the bridge. Then, a yellow flash made Madam Pie hit the ground in a fraction of a second. There, flying above him, was a Sunshine yellow-colored pegasus with a mane and long tail that was colored a light turquoise. On the stallion's flank was a cutie mark of an anvil. The pegasus's eyes were red with helpful determination, and his glare was shooting at Madam Pie.
"You need to get out of here, i'll hold her off." the stallion said.
"Wait... i know you... you're, Sunshine Star aren't you?" Small Talk uttered, getting out of his intimidated trance.
"Yeah, and you are getting out of here and to somewhere safe." Sunshine said, sternly.
Small Talk got up and ran over to the otherside of town hall, then stopped when he heard Madam Pie scream out.
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 0
Mature content
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 14 :iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 2 0
The New Pony in Town: Chapter 13
The owner of the red eyes looked back at Yoyo and Small Talk. She was in the shadows, her eyes looking like two shiny red rubies staring eerily into their very souls. Small Talk was scared, frozen in terror, but Yoyo stood his ground, firmer than a mountain.
"Shadow Heart?" Yoyo asked.
The owner of the ruby eyes walked forward, and revealed an small, shadow-coated alicorn with a black and red mane and tail. Her eyes matched her ruby colored mane. She smiled at the duo.
"Hello, Yoyo, and... Stinging?" Shadow Heart greeted, surprised at Small Talk's appearance.
"I'm Small Talk now, i don't like to be called Stinging Remark." Small Talk said, getting out of his scared stance.
"Oh... I see... Well, have you heard from Skate Around?" Shadow said, her eyes widened with concern for her former roommate.
"Well, we both have seen him, he said he needed to go over to Sweet Apple Acres, to help somepony." Yoyo said,
"Sweet Apple Acres?" Shadow Heart asked, uneasily.
"Why does that make you uneasy?
:iconaskskaters:AskSkaters 3 0


Rex HD V.1 by Rex-Centauri Rex HD V.1 :iconrex-centauri:Rex-Centauri 2 1 Lovely~ by Yoshachu Lovely~ :iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 6 12 Littlest PokePets: Some Things Never Change... by Yoshachu Littlest PokePets: Some Things Never Change... :iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 10 55
My birthday present just came in the mail and I literally got 30 LPS toys! XD
I also got another Sunil, Russell, Penny Ling, and better-looking Minka, and I got Vinnie, but he has a purple stripe and wavy white strip in his hair. But I don't care!
Also, now that I have two Russells now... Russellcest! >:3
:iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 4 37
Gender-swapped Kids of the Mane Six by ShrapnelLeader Gender-swapped Kids of the Mane Six :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 114 86 Sonadow by Yoshachu Sonadow :iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 14 89 Pokemon Champion Devi-Yosh by Yoshachu Pokemon Champion Devi-Yosh :iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 9 58
My Little Pony: Tree of Harmony Key Prediction
I think I know what the six keys for the box on the Tree of Harmony are. After watching today's episode, I think I realized...
So far Rarity and Rainbow Dash have been given symbols from Coco Pommel and Spitfire - the spool of rainbow thread for Rarity's generosity and Wonderbolts Metal for Rainbow Dash's loyalty - and at the end of the episodes they shimmered in rainbow light.
I think that the thread and metal, as well as the other four items Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy will most likely get later on that will have the same rainbow shimmer in them at the end of the episode, will end up being the six keys used to unlock the box.
Since they don't have the Elements of Harmony anymore, they'll use the six items given to them by someone else in gratitude for their element they represent in the Elements of Harmony.
:iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 4 1,251
Mane Six Kids crayons by ShrapnelLeader Mane Six Kids crayons :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 85 27 She's Not the Little Girl We Once Knew by ShrapnelLeader She's Not the Little Girl We Once Knew :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 230 69 PC: Human Hedgie Tickles by Yoshachu PC: Human Hedgie Tickles :iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 5 18
I'm so happy, I could cry.

WHY CAN'T I HOLD ALL THIS EXCITEMENT? :iconcarltondanceplz:
:iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 3 69
A Riddle to Guess if You Can ( A poem )
I have a riddle to guess if you can:
What begins small then eventually grows tall?
It is not a flower, but it will never be dour!
It lasts forever, it knows not the time.
Do I detect nonsense in my little rhyme?
It may not come cheaply, but is well worth the price.
For it can last forever, especially if you are nice.
Can you make sense of my riddle?
I'll help you decipher a little.
It requires care, none others can compare.
It can bring joy and laughter,
Especially from now till forever after.
It requests respect and trust,
It could otherwise bust.
I hope it won't ever be tried, but it will always be true.
It is never old, it always stays new!
Does my riddle now make sense?
I hope it won't be nonsense.
Time's up! What is your answer in this riddle game?
I trust that you know, for my answer is the same:
The answer is friendship, forever true.
True friendship, for me and for you!
For every up, for every down.
For every smile, for every frown.
Our friendship stayed, unable to be swayed
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 5 10
Today was a particularly boring day for Charmy. Today Vector had decided to leave Charmy home while he was out grocery shopping, as he did the last time he went grocery shopping, and the time before it. The young bee could be a nuisance, and when shopping for food he became even worse. Hence the crocodile's decision to do the necessary procurement of certain goods alone, much to Espio's annoyance, who was stuck 'babysitting' the little bugger while Vector was out. Of course, Charmy was old enough to take care of himself, but leaving the hyperactive bee home alone for more than two seconds was bound to spell disaster.
In the past he had Vector knocked out and the policed called when the croc has made the mistake of leaving the house without his keys or cell phone. When he had come back that night, it was very late, and of course, very dark. The porch light on the doorstep hadn’t been working. The croc banged on the door for a good half hour, but the little be inside the house was
:iconrobot851:robot851 9 1
Nightmare Joilant by yoyododo1990 Nightmare Joilant :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 6 32 Here Comes the Smolder by ShrapnelLeader Here Comes the Smolder :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 80 51


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Jason "Skaters" / Skate Around
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- So I'm a hedgehog... for one, and i like making friends ^w^

Icon made by: :iconjaytheartsypone:

- Power over Light
- a super secret power that i can share with only my closest friends ^^ heehee
- Speed and magic are strong, and can take a hit.

- physical attacks aren't strong suit.
- clumsy, is known to trip while skating sometimes.
- does not like spiders or ghosts

Oh you can ask me anything, no matter how stupid it is ^^

My friends
:icontuxsonic: He is one of my good friends... B3 he's funny...
:iconaskmephiles: Very Random and perverted, one of my good friends ^^
:iconask-knuckles: He's very funny ^^ he is Lady Gaga ^^
:iconask-konshu: ^^ He is a good friend to have! One of my best friends ^^
:iconviolet-hedgecat: She is one of my good friends
:iconaskzadow: & :iconask-zonic: I can control their suits! ^^ but i think they are my friends ^^ i hope they are... but they want to kill me...
:iconask-blitz: Major Blitz is awesome ^^ he's cool
:iconrazestark: Oh... Edward Elric, he is so rash ^^ but very hilarious XD (I miss him... :( )
:iconaskalexmyrtle: She is very nice, hope she comes back soon
:iconaskdusktheechidna: Is in love with one of my friend, i can tell they will have a good life together ^^ (also want to talk to him more)
:iconaskrazorthehedgehog: My "Friendly" Rival, a.k.a. my fighting partner, i hope to talk to him more... (I miss him... )
:icontracy-emy: My best friend ^^
:iconyellerthebountyhuntr: Roy, is the most persuasive guy i've met ^^ and the most fun to be around, he is also hilarious ^^
:iconaskdjknux: He is hilarious ^^ not to mention very violent at times... but he's nice ^^
:iconlenkagamine1998: She is hilarious ^^ she makes the most random videos ^^
:iconaskblu-the-saiyanhog: He is nice ^^ I think that he needs a friend.
:iconshuyintheenigmatic: He is just the coolest guy! He makes great stories, and he is awesome! Plus he gives the best advice! ^^
:iconcoon-strudel: He is a raccoon, he is very funny ^^
:iconpyristhehedgehog: King of the Fire Kingdom! ^^ I'm friends with royalty!
:iconaskbakemono: He is very nice, why do people keep running away from him? :(
:iconask-pinkiepie-pony: She is a good friend! she makes me laugh ^^
:iconask-sammy: He's very cool, i hope he'll get better soon... Maybe i can help... somehow...
:iconasking-aqua: Her Highness is very nice, ^^
:iconask-kitty-chan: She is very nice, she like adventuring!
:iconask-zero-the-cat: She is mysterious, but she wants friendship. ^^ She is one of my good friends.
:iconask-jayde: She has the nicest friends, and they have a happy family ^^
:iconaskrainbowthecat: She is awesome! and she haz a rainbow mane! RAIN-BOW- MANE! enough said.
:iconask-knux: He is very nice when you don't annoy him ^^
:iconasknegettebunnie: She is very shy, but very nice, i hope we'll become better friends.
:iconblur-the-saiyanhog: He is pretty cool. ^^ Also nice. He thinks i'm weird can you believe that? *smiles as i walk on the wall and on the ceiling*
:iconsabrinathehedgie: ^^ she is so nice, she defends me, and i respect her, she's so awesome! ^^
:iconask-zel: ^^ he is pretty cool! He sure likes to swim! heehee
:iconask-silvax: He is bad-ass, he's cool! ^^
:iconaskleonscottkennedy: ^^ He's very nice, a very good friend! He tickles me alot though... but he's one of mah bros! ^^
:iconaskagentnevada: She is very nice, She's pretty cool.
:iconaskwolfstar: ^^ I hope you become free one day!
:iconaskshadowthefaker: ^^ he is nice when he wants to be.
:iconask-tonythehedgefox: ^^ He is so cute! I'm his baby sitter!
:iconask-emilythefox: ^^ she is so awesome!
:iconaskastervitani: He's pretty cool, i hope we can talk more. ^^
:iconasksunshinestar: ^^ he is pretty cool, i wonder if we can talk more.
:iconaskshootingstar: She is cute, I'm good friends with her! ^^
:iconyoyododo1990: He is so awesome! he owns an Amusement Park!
:iconask-spike-the-dragon: He is so nice! i'm hoping we can talk some more. ^^
:icongamma102: I think he's cool... when he isn't trying to throw me to the mares with love potion in their stomachs.
:icontorri-chan: Oh Shadow Heart. ^^ heehee
:iconaskdreamweaver: The god of dreams... ^^ He's super nice, we should talk more!
:iconaskshadowthevampire: He and i are cool now. We are bros even though he doesn't want to admit it. ^^
:iconaskexcalibursonic: YAY! Another Sonic! He's super cool!
:iconxking-sombrax: ^^ despite what anyone or anypony says about him, he's very nice.
:iconkrazymanstudios: ^^ He is a very awesome friend!
:iconjessicaprenovost: ^^ She's nice.
:iconvery-fangirl: ^^ she's very nice. She's cool

Family: (If you hurt them, i will make you pay.)
:iconepicsonicandpikachu: My brother from another mother! XD
Kasai: He is mah big bro, i love him, and when he annoys me... B3 i tickle him to death
Yuki: My inseparable little brother, I adore him, he is such a good little brother ^^
:iconrazestark: he is like a big bro to me ^^
:iconask-zonic: COUSIN ZONIC!!! ^^
:iconkrazymanstudios: ^^ Bro!
:iconshoyru255: ^^ My bro! *hug*
:iconvery-fangirl: ^^ She is my sister!
:iconhurleyboss: Cousin! *hug*
:iconsakuth: Bro! *glomp hug*
:iconlenkagamine1998: Cousin! ^^

:iconask-cairo: He is a man of little words... ^^
:iconaskespio: He doesn't talk much... he prefers to keep on the low-key...
:iconask-sexyrouge: I'm pretty sure she was trying to hit on me... ^^;
:iconask-slycooper: He stole something of mine that wasn't so easy to steal... How he did i'm not sure...

Enemies. :( (some of them are like what did i do wrong?)
:iconskunky595sucksass: He is deactivated, but boy, he was bullying my friend.



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