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When I drop, I sway. I can be big, thick, thin, or small. Light as air, yet i drop like a pebble with none. What am I?


The winner will get a story request. ^^

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Jason "Skaters" / Skate Around
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
- So I'm a hedgehog... for one, and i like making friends ^w^

Icon made by: :iconjaytheartsypone:

- Power over Light
- a super secret power that i can share with only my closest friends ^^ heehee
- Speed and magic are strong, and can take a hit.

- physical attacks aren't strong suit.
- clumsy, is known to trip while skating sometimes.
- does not like spiders or ghosts

Oh you can ask me anything, no matter how stupid it is ^^

My friends
:icontuxsonic: He is one of my good friends... B3 he's funny...
:iconaskmephiles: Very Random and perverted, one of my good friends ^^
:iconask-knuckles: He's very funny ^^ he is Lady Gaga ^^
:iconask-konshu: ^^ He is a good friend to have! One of my best friends ^^
:iconviolet-hedgecat: She is one of my good friends
:iconaskzadow: & :iconask-zonic: I can control their suits! ^^ but i think they are my friends ^^ i hope they are... but they want to kill me...
:iconask-blitz: Major Blitz is awesome ^^ he's cool
:iconrazestark: Oh... Edward Elric, he is so rash ^^ but very hilarious XD (I miss him... :( )
:iconaskalexmyrtle: She is very nice, hope she comes back soon
:iconaskdusktheechidna: Is in love with one of my friend, i can tell they will have a good life together ^^ (also want to talk to him more)
:iconaskrazorthehedgehog: My "Friendly" Rival, a.k.a. my fighting partner, i hope to talk to him more... (I miss him... )
:icontracy-emy: My best friend ^^
:iconyellerthebountyhuntr: Roy, is the most persuasive guy i've met ^^ and the most fun to be around, he is also hilarious ^^
:iconaskdjknux: He is hilarious ^^ not to mention very violent at times... but he's nice ^^
:iconlenkagamine1998: She is hilarious ^^ she makes the most random videos ^^
:iconaskblu-the-saiyanhog: He is nice ^^ I think that he needs a friend.
:iconshuyintheenigmatic: He is just the coolest guy! He makes great stories, and he is awesome! Plus he gives the best advice! ^^
:iconcoon-strudel: He is a raccoon, he is very funny ^^
:iconpyristhehedgehog: King of the Fire Kingdom! ^^ I'm friends with royalty!
:iconaskbakemono: He is very nice, why do people keep running away from him? :(
:iconask-pinkiepie-pony: She is a good friend! she makes me laugh ^^
:iconask-sammy: He's very cool, i hope he'll get better soon... Maybe i can help... somehow...
:iconasking-aqua: Her Highness is very nice, ^^
:iconask-kitty-chan: She is very nice, she like adventuring!
:iconask-zero-the-cat: She is mysterious, but she wants friendship. ^^ She is one of my good friends.
:iconask-jayde: She has the nicest friends, and they have a happy family ^^
:iconaskrainbowthecat: She is awesome! and she haz a rainbow mane! RAIN-BOW- MANE! enough said.
:iconask-knux: He is very nice when you don't annoy him ^^
:iconasknegettebunnie: She is very shy, but very nice, i hope we'll become better friends.
:iconblur-the-saiyanhog: He is pretty cool. ^^ Also nice. He thinks i'm weird can you believe that? *smiles as i walk on the wall and on the ceiling*
:iconsabrinathehedgie: ^^ she is so nice, she defends me, and i respect her, she's so awesome! ^^
:iconask-zel: ^^ he is pretty cool! He sure likes to swim! heehee
:iconask-silvax: He is bad-ass, he's cool! ^^
:iconaskleonscottkennedy: ^^ He's very nice, a very good friend! He tickles me alot though... but he's one of mah bros! ^^
:iconaskagentnevada: She is very nice, She's pretty cool.
:iconaskwolfstar: ^^ I hope you become free one day!
:iconaskshadowthefaker: ^^ he is nice when he wants to be.
:iconask-tonythehedgefox: ^^ He is so cute! I'm his baby sitter!
:iconask-emilythefox: ^^ she is so awesome!
:iconaskastervitani: He's pretty cool, i hope we can talk more. ^^
:iconasksunshinestar: ^^ he is pretty cool, i wonder if we can talk more.
:iconaskshootingstar: She is cute, I'm good friends with her! ^^
:iconyoyododo1990: He is so awesome! he owns an Amusement Park!
:iconask-spike-the-dragon: He is so nice! i'm hoping we can talk some more. ^^
:icongamma102: I think he's cool... when he isn't trying to throw me to the mares with love potion in their stomachs.
:icontorri-chan: Oh Shadow Heart. ^^ heehee
:iconaskdreamweaver: The god of dreams... ^^ He's super nice, we should talk more!
:iconaskshadowthevampire: He and i are cool now. We are bros even though he doesn't want to admit it. ^^
:iconaskexcalibursonic: YAY! Another Sonic! He's super cool!
:iconxking-sombrax: ^^ despite what anyone or anypony says about him, he's very nice.
:iconkrazymanstudios: ^^ He is a very awesome friend!
:iconjessicaprenovost: ^^ She's nice.
:iconvery-fangirl: ^^ she's very nice. She's cool

Family: (If you hurt them, i will make you pay.)
:iconepicsonicandpikachu: My brother from another mother! XD
Kasai: He is mah big bro, i love him, and when he annoys me... B3 i tickle him to death
Yuki: My inseparable little brother, I adore him, he is such a good little brother ^^
:iconrazestark: he is like a big bro to me ^^
:iconask-zonic: COUSIN ZONIC!!! ^^
:iconkrazymanstudios: ^^ Bro!
:iconshoyru255: ^^ My bro! *hug*
:iconvery-fangirl: ^^ She is my sister!
:iconhurleyboss: Cousin! *hug*
:iconsakuth: Bro! *glomp hug*
:iconlenkagamine1998: Cousin! ^^

:iconask-cairo: He is a man of little words... ^^
:iconaskespio: He doesn't talk much... he prefers to keep on the low-key...
:iconask-sexyrouge: I'm pretty sure she was trying to hit on me... ^^;
:iconask-slycooper: He stole something of mine that wasn't so easy to steal... How he did i'm not sure...

Enemies. :( (some of them are like what did i do wrong?)
:iconskunky595sucksass: He is deactivated, but boy, he was bullying my friend.

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